Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Real Cabin-Themed Life.

Time for a home tour. We've spent the last few weeks living in a mess and about a week ago, we got to put it all together. I didn't realize how much I missed having a kitchen table until I didn't have one for 3 weeks.

Maybe I'll show some before pictures so you can appreciate the afters.

Also, the title of this post is to make Kaeli feel better about her "cabin" house. I live in a real cabin...


I took this one morning when my bed was out in the living room. I thought the sun looked pretty coming through the trees. Turns out I was asleep when I took this and didn't remember taking it until I saw the picture on my phone... and you can't see any sun or any trees.

Did I say we were living in a mess? This is actually pretty clean, too.
We knew before moving in that we would be hosting little kid gymnastics in our living room. The space was already being used and would be until the end of the summer. So we couldn't really have furniture in our living room because we would have to move it out twice a week so the little kids wouldn't run into it while they were doing gymnastics.
Also, we have a bedroom, but it flooded right before we moved in. So we couldn't really move in there either. Most of our stuff was in the kitchen and bathroom for about 3 weeks.

AFTER: (which isn't much of an after because I don't have many befores...)

And that's my house.
Smaller than my last one but I only have one roommate now, instead of 4. I like only sharing the fridge with one other person :)
We thought we hated the blue wall at first, but I'm surprised how warm lighting changes that room for the better.

Since some of you will never make it up to visit me (ahem, Jules), I figured this is the best we could do :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Triple Date - 1

You guys missed out.
How are we supposed to have a semi-annual triple date if you don't show up for it??

Good thing I half-heartedly documented it for you!

Not pictured: Pizza Pie Cafe and our date activity!

Slap hands for actually being able to get a date this time! Buuuut he probably won't be around for much longer, so look at him while you can! ;)

We went to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and my roommate was one of the brides!

After the show, I bribed Kaeli and Conner with some cookies so they would come see my new house.

And everyone was so happy!

But secretly this is how they felt.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dude, you're the worst

I kind of miss the days when this blog was filled with fun things, like songs and dating shenanigans. Now it's just full of things that people do when they grow up.

Today, I hate being an adult.

Yesterday, we got an email from the people that we are house sitting for. Their out-of-state son got a job here in Utah and so now, we have to move. We have to be out by September 10th because that's the day they are moving in. That's three weeks away, guys. To be fair, we knew that this was a possibility when we moved in, but we were told that it was highly unlikely. Three weeks.

It's a hard game. Today, I found a promising apartment online and when I went to show Conner, it was gone! I wanted to cry because it was so awesome looking and cheap, and I also felt like it was kind of a mean joke.

On the happier side of things, I am oddly happy about moving. It's exciting. We won't miss it too much, I don't think.

I finally took more pictures of this place. So, here you go!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oh, Hi Scott.

Remember last month when I was looking for a place to live? My roommate found us a basement apartment in North Logan but I couldn't go with her to see it.
She showed me the pictures she had taken and told me where it was. The more we talked about it, the more familiar I was with it. I asked her who the owner was and sure enough, it's my friend Scott's mom!...Not only do I love Scott's mom, Scott is my roommate until he moves down to Salt Lake...


A couple weeks ago, it was like 11pm and I asked Scott if he was home so I could come upstairs and return his speakers I'd borrowed the night before. He said he was home and that Taylor (our other friend) was there, which is always good because when those boys get together, they always have treats. Sure enough, I went upstairs and they fed me fruit snacks and Oreos. Best neighbor ever!
He will also help me study for my dumb math test..but abandons me on the hard questions. :)

It'll be sad when he moves. But he'll always know where to find me when he comes back to visit!

Brian, Scott and Taylor at a council meeting

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week of Firsts

It's been quite the week. For lots of us.

Jules had a baby! And she is cute! She can tell you about it later.

This dude got a pony tail for the first time! It was adorable. I know Andy loved it ;)

Hi Kaeli. I told him to smile and this is what he did.

 Although less cool than having a baby or having my hair in a pony tail for the very first time, I got to add two things to my imaginary list of "Things I Can Say I've Done"

The first is moving pipe.

Idaho... We decided Henry Ford would have been happy about the motor we were using...because it's THAT old.

The little farm house where I stayed. 
Ah yes, moving pipe is as much fun as it sounds! Other firsts this weekend include the weirdest rodeo I've ever been to. (A horse ran straight into a fence then fell over sideways, and there were only like 4 bull rides). Star gazing in Idaho was added the list as well. It was soooo pretty.
Super good weekend.

The second thing added to the list this week is fishing!

On the way.

It's soooooo pretty.

My fishing guide. Please note: that is his "nice" fishing shirt.

You can't tell, but the fish I caught wasn't very cute. We caught that guy and... a stick :)

 There you have it. I am happy to finally be able to say I've gone fishing.

Slap hands!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Yellowstone is Crazy

I don't post much but when I do, IT'S A TREAT. Conner and I ventured to Wyoming last month and I just want to show you all of my pictures. 

Conner's family goes to Yellowstone every few years, so we went too. Observe:

This is the world's largest elk horn arch! Afton was fun. I think we went to a book store and went to a bakery that was family owned and they were really into sharing the Baha'i faith.

 This is where we stayed for our first two nights in Grand Teton National Park. That is the view from my bed. We shared with Conner's parents.

 The Tetons are so cool!!! Utah's mountains are so lame compared to these. And we found a nice beach/lake shore. Conner skipped rocks. I tried to skip rocks. 

 My first buffalo!!!!! That speck, by the water. And the porch at the Old Faithful Inn was the best. That's old Faithful in the distance.

 The Inn was super cool. They don't have wifi there which I really didn't mind. Everyone just hangs out on the balconies and reads or chats. Super fun. And that's Old Faithful in action.

Also, we got up really early all of the mornings that we were there to avoid the tour buses and endless Asian crowds. It was definitely worth it.

Isn't Yellowstone weird?

This is Grand Prismatic. The hype around this thing is crazy but it really wasn't that impressive. Pictures of the aerial view is cool though.


Wildlifes. We looked for them everywhere but we didn't see any bears. Just lots of buffalos.

Everyone just chills here. It's the best.

About to drive into a lot of steam/fog.

This was crazy! It was early morning and a little nippy out. This is a crazy steam blanket.

Wildlife! That's a coyote. I think it looks like a hungry dog....

 Apparently there is a place called the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Here it is.

 That buffalo just walked into this parking lot and we were right behind him. Clearly. Conner's parents were up ahead of us and they almost got rammed by this thing. Super exciting. Everything's fine.

 Conner found a pocket knife with the correct spelling of his name. First time every probably. We didn't buy it...

 Our picnic got rained out. But it was nice while it lasted.

 Ok, I was deathly afraid of bears this whole trip. We had to walk through this heavily wooded forest to get to this beach and I was mostly terrified the whole time. 

 Forest fire!

 This was the inside of our room. Again, we shared with Conner's parents. And here is another view of the lobby.

 While Conner and I were in the gift shop, we read in 2 different books about a lady ghost that haunts the "bird's nest" clear at the top of this place. They don't let people go up there anymore because of an earthquake that happened like 35 years ago. Anyway, according to the books, this lady ghost was supposed to come down the stairs of the birds nest at midnight. So naturally, Conner and I stayed up to see if she would show. Nada.

 Ahh yes, the end of our trip. We got to Rexburg so Conner could show me around (he went there before his  mission) and his car started to die. But it would restart, and as long as we were moving, it was fine. So we drove it home and made to to 114th South. You guys already knew that though cause you gave us a ride home. Thanks again. 

It was a wildly successful trip though. Super fun!
Doesn't he look concerned?